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Train hauling crude oil derails on Philadelphia bridge

21 Jan

by Dave Warner – Jan.20.2014

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – A freight train carrying crude oil derailed on Monday on a railroad bridge in Philadelphia, forcing the closing of the busy Schuylkill Expressway, authorities said.

Nothing leaked and there were no injuries in the derailment near the Schuylkill River, which occurred about 1 a.m. EST (0600 GMT), the U.S. Coast Guard said in a statement. CSX Railroad said it would take one to two days for workers to remove the oil and sand cargo and the derailed cars.

The accident was the latest in a series of crashes or derailments of trains carrying crude oil in the United States and Canada that has raised safety concerns.

The Schuylkill Expressway was closed for nearly an hour after the derailment and again at about noon, according to a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Delays occurred as well as motorists slowed to look at a tanker car and a freight car visibly leaning sideways on the railway bridge.

CSX Corp released a statement saying the 101-car freight train was headed to Philadelphia from Chicago, and that seven cars derailed on the bridge.

Six of the derailed cars carried crude oil, CSX was quoted as saying. The cause of the derailment was unknown, and no injuries were reported.

The cars that derailed were at the back of the train, CSX said.

“The investigation continues into the cause of the derailment,” it said.

The Philadelphia crash extends a string of accidents involving trains hauling crude oil.

Last July, a runaway oil train derailed and exploded in the center of the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic, killing 47 people.

In early November, an oil train derailed in rural Alabama and erupted into flames that took several days to extinguish.

On December 30, an oil train collided with a derailed car from a grain train outside the small town of Casselton, North Dakota. The fiery collision spilled more 400,000 gallons of crude and forced the evacuation of 1,400 people from their homes.

(Reporting by Dave Warner; Editing by Edith Honan and David Gregorio)

Republished from Reuters: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/train-hauling-crude-oil-derails-philadelphia-bridge-225411025–finance.html


Same Company Building Keystone and Tennessee Pipelines

12 Apr

Two projects are currently being fought on the ground (and in the trees) halfway across the country from each other, and various sources (including an article in the Ecologist ) have confirmed that the same company is doing on-the-ground construction of both.

Michels Corp is a construction company that specializes in energy, transportation, telecommunications and utility infrastructure — especially pipelines. While Tar Sands Blockaders are busy stopping Michels from building the Keystone XL pipeline (which would bring more toxic tar sands into frontline communities in Houston), the coalition No Tennessee Pipeline is working to stop the same company from constructing a gas pipeline in Pennsylvania.


That means those of you living far from these pipelines’ construction sites now have twice the reason to get in touch with a Michels location near you and tell them what you think of their business decisions!


The fact that the same company is building these disparate projects draw an obvious connection between seemingly separate struggles. After all, working against a project that would destroy the places you love becomes an act of solidarity when that same company is also destroying the places that someone else loves.


On a deeper level, of course, all our struggles are connected. There are so many reasons to target infrastructure expansion: to act in solidarity with indigenous people across the continent and world; to stop evil corporations from making more money while impoverishing the rest of us; and perhaps most critically, because the very projects that Michels specializes in are the projects  needed to keep this death culture alive. Can there be any better reason for opposing them?

Republished from the Earth First! Newswire: http://earthfirstnews.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/same-company-building-keystone-tennessee-pipelines/

Statoil, Exxon find gas offshore Tanzania

22 Mar

March 18, 2013

STAVANGER, Norway, March 18 (UPI) — Offshore Tanzania may hold as much as 17 trillion cubic feet of natural gas considering recent discoveries there, said Norwegian major Statoil.

Statoil announced with joint venture partner Exxon Mobil that it discovered at least 4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas offshore in the Tangawizi-1 well. That brings the total reserve estimate to as high as 17 trillion cubic feet, the company said.

“The Tanzania government is pleased to learn about additional gas resources … and remains optimistic on future developments,” Tanzanian Minister for Energy and Minerals Sospeter Muhongo said.

The CIA World Factbook estimates that Tanzania produced more than 2.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2010, the latest year for which estimates are available.

Statoil Exploration Vice President Tom Dodson said Statoil has completed five wells in Tanzania in the last 15 months. More are planned for this year.

Statoil last week reported that a power outage at its offshore Oseberg center in the North Sea led to a natural gas leak, which has since been stopped.

“Oil and gas production remains shut down,” the company said. “Crews are working hard to restore stable main power supply on board so that the heating unit can be started, personnel can be taken on board and activities resumed.”