Coastal GasLink Focus

11 Dec

Coastal GasLink is a prospective shale gas pipeline that would link to a proposed LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) processing terminal in Kitimat, BC. The project is owned by a consortium of Companies called LNG Canada led by Shell Canada Limited, including Mitsubishi Corporation, KoreaGas (KOGAS), and, not inconsiderably, Petrochina. TransCanada Pipelines Limited is the company contracted by LNG Canada to build Coastal GasLink, the same company trying to force through the notorious Keystone XL Pipeline from Alberta to the Gulf Coast in Texas.

PetroChina is a subsidiary of the parent company and oil giant China National Petroleum Company (CNPC). China is now featuring prominently on the Canadian scene with the recent FIPPA deal, the Canada-China version of the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, and the Nexxen foreign takeover deal. The deal saw the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), the third largest national oil company in China, swallow up Canadian oil company Nexen Inc., one of the biggest players in the Alberta Tar Sands.

LNG Canada and the Coastal GasLink project with Shell’s reputation and CNPC’s power have the largesse and experience that Apache Corporation and the Pacific Trails Pipeline lack. What PetroChina and LNG Canada’s Asian connections provide is contract clout and access to lucrative Asian market contracts where Apache and other smaller LNG projects are having difficulty securing those higher Asian prices.

The LNG Canada project in Kitimat has been estimated to be in the $ 12 billion range, while the Coastal GasLink Pipeline is estimated at $ 4 billion, and according to BC Energy Minister Rich Coleman is slated as “one of the largest, if not the largest, investments ever in B.C.” The pipeline dimensions are projected at 48”, six inches larger in diameter than PTP. In short, everything about this pipeline is, big.

As the weeks and months move forward, WestCoast Pipeline Watch will feature a focus on the LNG Canada/Coastal GasLink Project as a very important piece of the North American and international energy infrastructure puzzle, and the business news, construction, developments, opinions and resistance in relation to it.

Below are a few articles and info links to get started.

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