Kitimat Wants Answers on Proposed Projects’ Power Sources

27 Nov

Kamil Karamali – November, 21, 2012

Kitimat council has a lot of questions on power sources for proposed projects in the area, so it’s asking the province.

Councillor Phil Germuth put forward a motion at Kitimat council Monday night to send the province and BC Hydro letters. asking for details on where the proposed LNG projects and Enbridge’s Northern Gateway tanker port plan to get their power from and if it will be at the cost of rate payers.

“According to the calculations, BC ratepayers could be subsidizing  the private interest of the Enbridge proposal by at least 50-70 million  dollars per year. Of course the LNG’s use much more power than the Enbridge project will”

Council will also ask BC Hydro to attend a public meeting to discuss the issue in Kitimat.

Earlier this month, Germuth told council he was mystified as to why BC Hydro was pushing to upgrade its transmission line to Kitimat when no LNG projects are yet guaranteed to proceed.

BC Energy Minister Rich Coleman told the Globe and Mail newspaper last week that the BC government is expecting LNG proponents to let the province know within two months whether they will need electricity from the hydro grid to power their projects or whether they intend to generate their own electricity by burning natural gas.

Last month, the government gave B-C Hydro an extra eight months to draw up a long-awaited 20-year plan for meeting the province’s electricity needs.

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